Resource: Literary Terms

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Literary Terms

Your first major paper asks you to analyze a Sherlock Holmes story as a piece of literature.  That means you’ll have to look closely at your text–just like Holmes closely observes a crime scene.  One of the ways you can begin your analysis is by using literary terminology as a way to identify important issues within a story.  For example, you can look at Lucy’s ring in A Study in Scarlet as symbolic of a lost love.  This, in turn, would help you argue whether Jefferson Hope is justified in killing Drebber and Strangerson.

Below are some useful websites that list and define various literary terms.

1.  CUNY’s Literary Terms:  This brief list addresses major literary terms and provides examples.

2.  Dr. Wheeler’s Literary Vocabulary:  This is an in-depth, searchable list.

3.  All-American Glossary of Literary Terms:  This list provides excellent explanations of each term.

4.  Stanford’s Literary Terms:  A bare-bones list of terminology with very brief definitions.

5.  Literary Devices:  A nicely organized list of terms in an easily searchable format.


**You can click here to download a copy of the literary terms worksheet we used in class**

Resource: The Victorian Web

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Victorian Web Banner

The Victorian Web is probably the most comprehensive Victorian history site to date.  It offers an overview of a myriad of topics, including literature, economics, gender roles, and politics.  This is an excellent place to start your historical research on the Victorian period, and it often links to other, more detailed sources.

Paper 1

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In your first major paper, you will analyze one major theme from either A Study in Scarlet or The Sign of Four.  Keep in mind that there are two due dates associated with this assignment; you’ll be turning in both a rough draft and a final copy of your paper.  The rough draft will be due in class on Friday, February 14th, and the final copy of your essay will be due Monday, February 17th by midnight.  Keep an eye out for more guidelines regarding rough draft and workshop procedures.

You can download a .pdf of the Paper 1 assignment sheet by clicking here.

Dossier Assignment

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The dossier assignment lets you pick a topic that you’re interested in and investigate it throughout the semester.  You will be writing three blog posts in addition to a topic proposal.  The due dates for each are listed below:

Dossier Proposal Due:  Tuesday, January 28th by midnight

Article 1 Due:  Wednesday, February 26th by midnight

Article 2 Due:  Friday, April 4th by midnight

Article 3 Due: Monday, April 21st by midnight

Click here to download a .pdf version of the assignment sheet.

News: Kickstart a Sherlock Holmes Board Game

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Sometimes pastiches take on a life of their own, and that’s certainly the case with Neil Gaiman’s award winning short story, “A Study in Emerald” (which you can read by clicking here).  Martin Wallace has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to turn that story into an actual board game, and it looks pretty cool.  If you want to back this project, check out Wallace’s Kickstarter campaign.

Course eBooks

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As I’m sure you’re aware, most of our course texts are available for free.  In order to keep everyone on the same page (literally and figuratively), I’d like you to download your copies of our course texts from  Below are the direct links to the texts themselves:


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes




The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes



A Study in Scarlet


The Sign of Four